Virtual Orienteering
Welcome to Virtual Orienteering!
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Virtual Orienteering is a simulation of a real orienteering meet. The object is to examine each of the numbered controls on the MAP and match it with the correct LETTERED control piece that fits in that spot.
  1. Initally, you will see the orienteering map. You start on Control 1.
  2. By clicking anywhere on the map, the display switches to the grid of controls (LETTERED pieces).
  3. Another click brings the MAP back. You can switch back and forth as much as you need.
  4. Once you decide which piece correctly fits at location 1, you click the corresponding LETTERED oval in the Control Grid view, or simply press the letter key on your keyboard.
  5. Your split time will be recorded and then you will then move to Control 2.
  6. Repeat until you finish the course.
  7. If you make a mistake, you can go back to the previous control, but the clock keeps ticking!

Once you finish, you can view your results, check/review your answers, and see the current standings for the course.

In this small example, Control #1 gets matched with B; Control #2 matches with C; and Control #3 matches with A. Actual courses have 5-25 controls in them. There are beginner courses and some just-for-fun to get started. Once you get the hang of it, there are some competition courses to try. We'll be awarding prizes to the fastest times on these courses, but you have to create an account and log in to race them.

If you have any feedback/suggestions/problems, please email them to me at

In order to race the practice/competition courses, please register.
We need your email address and pertinent details (in case you win)!

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* Rank:
For your 1st attempts, rank is calculated as rank of ALL 1st attempts.
For 2nd+ attempts, rank is calculated BELOW everyone's first attempts.
The standings page shows results without considering attempt number.